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General accessories - Contacts for plastic and metal circular connectors

Series TT93 pins and sockets are precision-punched and correspond to industrial standard size 16. The standard version is made of a copper alloy and then either tin or gold-plated. A supporting spring made of stainless steel guarantees a tireless connection between pin and socket contact. The contacts can easily be inserted into the plugs and receptacles of the TT and TM series and locked securely. They can be removed again easily and without damage with the aid of the removal tool (e.g. in the event of assembly faults or a conductor having to be replaced). The conductors are crimped to the contacts. Available for many different conductors or insulation diameters. The grounding pin contacts also available allow certain contacts to be made first within the connection, e.g. ground wires.

Operating voltage 250V testing voltage: 1500V

Current load capacity 13A at 20° in free air

Contact resistance <5mΩ

Pull-out forces 4.5N (> 6.6N on average over all contacts)

Insertion cycles 500 gold-plated, 100 tin-plated

Material Brass, stainless steel

general accessories - contacts for plastic and metal circular connectors

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