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Metal Circular Connectors

Toughcon circular connectors are used in many industrial applications as a flexible and favourably-priced solution for the electrical connection of several components. With a range of matching plugs, receptacles and accessories, the Toughcon system is suitable for flexible configuration and can be used for a wide range of requirements within an application.

The Toughcon TT series made of plastic is sturdy, light and favourable in price. The contact holder is the shell at the same time, and is made of resistant, glass-fibre reinforced, temperature-stable plastic. For tougher requirements, the Toughcon TM series is used. With this series, only the contact holder is made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, the shell is made of sturdy zinc die-cast. The connector can also be keyed by turning the contact holder in the shell. This allows several Toughcon circular connectors to be used in one application without cables being inserted into the wrong receptacles.

A trapezoidal thread with end catch makes the connection vibration-proof and allows it to be opened and closed easily. Plugs and receptacles can be equipped with pins, sockets and early make contacts. The contact has been designed for a wide range of cable and insulation diameters and is available with gold or tin plating. There are a wide range of accessories available for both TT and TM series. The accessories available range from numerous different housing types (with strain relief, with shrink hose, with PG and M thread), through angled adapters to special connections to the Shureseal system.


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